yuguang gold and lead group limited liability company-凯发k8国际

other industries


  the company through the flue gas dust, purification and directional transformation, and constantly extend the industrial chain, the development of sulfuric acid, active zinc oxide, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and other chemical products.

  the company has a wealth of furnace construction and maintenance experience. established a masonry, maintenance of lead and zinc copper smelting furnace-based furnace industry companies, good at lead smelting bottom blowing furnace, reduction furnace, copper smelting industry smelting furnace, blowing furnace, anode furnace masonry, maintenance work, with the overall processing capacity of the furnace.

technical consulting and service

  company set technology research and development, engineering consulting, engineering design, engineering contracting and furnace technology services as one, to carry out its own technology and undertake services. technical services include "double bottom blowing" smelting treatment of copper, lead, anode mud, in addition to copper slag, antimony, bismuth, soot and slag, copper, lead electrolytic refining, all wet gold and silver production, sewage acid and environmental protection , waste lead-acid battery automatic separation - lead paste smelting, alloy manufacturing, plastic color separation granulation and its supporting comprehensive recovery and other fields. real- estate
  companies to develop real estate business, from the land acquisition and demolition, planning and design, marketing, construction management to the property management, housing leasing, such as the whole process of comprehensive development and management capabilities. have developed low-rise residential, multi-storey residential and high-rise residential and other types of real estate, with excellent quality of housing products to develop the market.


  companies use local hot springs and other resources, investment tourism, the construction of hot springs resort. hot spring is rich in water resources, rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, strontium and other minerals, villa has a restaurant, conference rooms, multi-purpose hall, etc., can undertake the size of the meeting.

building materials
  companies rely on yuguang brand and resources, the development of building materials industry. products related to structural materials, decorative materials, with aluminum casting, extrusion and cement and other production lines, cement, aluminum and other products.

anti corrosion engineering
  the company has advanced lead, zinc, copper smelting related plants, equipment and other anti-corrosion technology, through the physical anti-corrosion, chemical corrosion and other means to solve the water, gas, acid and other corrosion problems, with non-ferrous smelting the overall anti-corrosion engineering capacity. inspection and analysis
  the company has the advanced equipment such as atomic fluorescence and atomic absorption. the inspection and testing level has reached the international level in terms of hardware facilities, management level and detection ability. the testing center has been approved by the national laboratory, and has the national accreditation board for conformity assessment (cnas) issued a certificate of accreditation, issued by the test report covered cnas logo, in the international community have a unified recognition of qualifications.