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yuguang group attaches great importance to safety in production work, over the years always adhere to the "people-oriented, life first" security concept, adhere to the security "bottom line thinking, red line awareness", strictly enforce the relevant laws and regulations, norms and standards, earnestly implement the main responsibility for production safety , the establishment of a sound safety management system, the risk control system and the "vertical in the end, horizontal to the edge" of the safety management network, set up a full-time security officer and the value of safety management team, through extensive hazard investigation, safety training, large safety investment and other safety management work to protect the safety of workers, maintaining social stability.
  the company in 2003 in the national lead smelting industry through the first environmental and occupational health and safety management system audit certification, in 2012 to obtain national safety production standardization two enterprise certificate, 2013 presided over the preparation of the "lead smelting safety production norms" (gb / t29519 (local standard), in 2014 won the "national emergency rescue knowledge competition winning unit", and for many years won the henan province, jiyuan city, the "safe operation of lead blast furnace safety norms" safe production advanced unit title.