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henan yuguang gold and lead group co., ltd. established in 1957, is a local state-owned enterprises.during the past 60 years,yuguang has developed to be a large enterprise of nonferrous metals industry in china. currently, it has more than 30 subsidiaries. the core enterprises are henan yuguang gold and lead co., ltd. and henan yuguang zinc industry co., ltd. henan yuguang gold & lead co., ltd. was listed on the shanghai stock exchange in july 2002. it is the largest lead smelting enterprise in china and the largest silver producer in china. henan yuguang zinc industry co., ltd. has developed as top 3 of zinc industry in china. the group is honored as china top 500 enterprise, china's manufacturing industry 500, is the country's first batch of circular economy pilot units, the national recycling of waste metal pilot enterprises, the first batch of cleaner production demonstration enterprises, the first batch of lead and zinc access and renewable lead access to the enterprise, the first batch of henan province, urban mineral demonstration pilot units.
  the company's leading products, "yuguang" brand electrolytic lead, "yuguang" brand silver, are respectively listed at the london metal exchange (lme) and the london bullion metals association (lbma). the company's main products and capacity are: lead 400,000 tons,zinc 300,000 tons, copper 100,000 tons, 5,000 kilograms of gold, 700 tons of silver, sulfuric acid 1.1 million tons. the company completed the current industrial output value of 20.78 billion yuan, the sales income of 20.63 billion yuan, profits and taxes 540 million yuan, exports 32.02 million us dollars.
  honors and reputation:yuguang won the highest award in china's industrial field - china industry award nomination award, yuguang trademark was well-known trademarks in china,the company is honored as competitive brand.
      yuguang technology and equipment is regarded as international and domestic leading. the company has provincial technology center, post-doctoral research station, henan province, lead-zinc metallurgical engineering technology research center and other research institutions, relying on independent research and development formed a group of international leading independent intellectual property rights of nuclear.




more than 30 subsidiaries


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today, yuguang has gone through 60 years of ups and downs. in the unremitting efforts of the workers in the past, yuguang has been among the chinese nonferrous metals industry, large-scale backbone enterprises, china's top 500 enterprises, china's manufacturing 500, china's fortune 500 list. lead zinc and copper three main business, has become the trend of three pillars, circular economy, diversified industries have been quietly forming.yuguang is now in the best period of the 60 years.
  looking back at the past years of yuguang, i could find some experience to be listed as three points below.
  one by the spirit. whether it is jiyuan people bones deep imprint of the "yugong yushan" spirit, yuguang venture at the beginning of the "hard work" spirit, or in recent years, yuguang people always uphold the "unity and hard work, innovative and realistic" spirit of the enterprise, are yuguang more than 6,000 employees indomitable, not afraid of hardships, hard work ahead, the pursuit of excellence and spiritual power of the pillars of excellence.
  two by the concept. people always have to pursue a little, the pursuit of the need for ideas and goals, the idea is the direction, the goal is power. with the direction and power, will have the backbone, ambition, spirit and courage, with a firm determination to overcome difficulties. yuguang in different periods have different development ideas and the pursuit, and every idea, so that yuguang benefit. so that yuguang miner's lamp to illuminate half of china, so that yuchen miner's lamp breakthrough million, occupy half of china's miner's lamp market; green smelting, environmental development, so that yucheng lead the industry to achieve four revolutionary upgrades, continue to lead the industry for three decades ; adhere to the concept of recycling, so that the yucheng circular economy model to become china's sample; the pursuit of excellence, advocating quality, mishina lead, to create value for customers, so that yukang to continue to provide a variety of high-quality non-ferrous metal products and exceed customer expectations quality service, as the beijing olympic medal production of silver producers, the world's top battery manufacturers exclusive supplier of raw materials. today, yuguang has proposed the creation of china's non-ferrous metallurgical benchmarking enterprises, to build the layout of china's first waste lead-acid battery recycling system objectives. this is the recent development of yuguang concept and direction.
  three by innovation. innovation is the soul of an enterprise to survive and develop. yu guang's development, innovation contributed rely on independent innovation, we solve the constraints of the development of the industry a number of key technologies, two scientific and technological achievements by the national science and technology progress award; by independent innovation, yu guang to 30 years to lead china's lead smelting industry development direction; , yuguang significantly improved china's copper industry in the world market competitiveness.
  spirit, philosophy and innovation of these three valuable experience, is still the future development of yuguang need to follow the development path.
  sixty-one a child, the old and the new beginning of the beginning. today, yuguang again with a new life attitude, standing on a new starting point. view of the road, do not forget the beginning of the heart, only to always. we are proud of yu guang at the same time, we must adhere to the "industry serve the country," the lofty ideals, and resolutely build a hundred years yu guang's glorious dream, uphold the fine tradition of hard work, pioneer's attitude, inheritance and development, construction continues to stand the top of the industry, stands the top of the world, the industry strong and diverse, more to the community to play, more happy life and loneliness yujiang and make unremitting efforts. this is the common dream of yu guang and the pursuit.
  i believe that after 60 years of rain and rain in the new development journey, will be afraid of hardships, courageously forward, continue to achieve new and greater achievements.
  yu guangwei industry, a total of a hundred years!