yuguang gold and lead group limited liability company-凯发k8国际

recycling industry

recycle industry
  the company continued to adjust the industrial structure, optimize the allocation of resources, extend the industrial chain, the use of lead and zinc complementary advantages, in the development of renewable lead on the basis of actively improve the recycling of renewable resources, the development of renewable zinc, recycled copper, improve resource utilization, and gradually build china's renewable metal benchmarking enterprises.
  the company is the world leader in renewable lead processing technology. independent research and development of the "waste lead-acid battery automatic separation - bottom blowing smelting renewable lead new technology", make full use of the original lead and recycled lead combination of advantages, to achieve the waste lead-acid battery large-scale automated processing, advanced indicators, practical strong, which lead paste at the end of the smelting and sulfur recycling to reach the international advanced level, is the focus of national non-ferrous metals to promote the field of technology.

plastic deep- processing
  company to produce recycled plastic-based raw materials to produce modified plastic particles. the use of domestic and industry advanced intelligent production system, to achieve a plastic modified extrusion granulation of automated production, enhance the site environment.
  has a professional r & d institutions, with professional product development and testing capabilities. testing center well-equipped, equipped with experimental extruder, injection molding machine, electronic universal testing machine, spectrophotometer, and other special detection equipment.

recycle industry- yuguang style
  the company built the first waste lead-acid battery recycling network system project, the use of the internet , build "cloud jinhui" network recycling platform, supporting professional logistics system, the first to establish the first domestic coverage, system operation of the national standard system, to fill the gaps. can significantly improve the recovery of renewable lead resources and the overall level of comprehensive utilization of china's circular economy, environmental protection and ecological civilization has far-reaching strategic significance.
  the company is known as the world's chinese sample of regenerative lead development. 2007, the first domestic lead and lead combined with the combination of yuchen model, the annual treatment of renewable lead 54 million tons, is the world's largest renewable lead enterprises. 2015 again domestic first waste lead-acid battery recycling network system, opened up a new type of waste lead-acid battery green recycling, the formation of renewable lead recycling - renewable lead production - lead alloy - plastic deep processing and other lead industry closed industrial chain.